SchoolSuiteNg Key Features
All these features are found in one SchoolSuiteNg. Don't worry over the robustness of the system, your school can use all the features or those applicable to the size and nature.



Free Website
Administrative Works
Result Management
Student Management
Finance Management
Online Assignment & Examination
Library Management
Debt Security
Time Table Management
School Admission
Automated School News/Events
Multiple School Branches
Automated School Galleries
Online Contact System

More Reasons!
Your School Needs SchoolSuiteNg


Server Uptime
Always have your portal and school website available 24/7 for users (Management, Teachers, Student and Public) to access.
Multi-Branch Access
For schools that have more than one branch, use SchoolSuiteNg and manage all operations. Do you intend having a new branch your SchoolSuiteNg will help you handle that.
100% Secured
We provide SSL security on both your portal and website. We also give guarantee on data security. This is one great experience you will appreciate.
User Friendliness

SchoolSuiteNg is very easy to use. It does not require professional knowledge. It can be used by anyone who can read and write. It is User-Friendly oriented.
Unlimited Data & Storage

We provide you with unlimited storage for data. Allows unlimited number of students, teachers, parents, financial records etc. Don't be scared of storage space.
24/7 Client Support

Our customer support team is always available to help respond to any challenge and fix any issue. On good negotiation, our physical support team can visit your school any time.
Official Email

We provide you with official email addresses. Your email will be like:, etc. Today you can now send mails using your official email address.
Online Contact System

SchoolSuiteNg also provide you with an online contact system for parents and people to make enquiries, complains and contributions via your website.