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Are you still not feeling the passion, purpose and abundance you want and deserve from a school management solution? You just found your dream school management software for your school.
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Standardize & Promote Your School Image
Its all about how parents, students, teachers and the entire public see your school. Start putting your school ahead with the right technology.
Start Working 10 Times Faster & Paperless
Work 10 times faster than before and convert your documents and other papers to digital form using SchoolSuiteNg.
Gain Strong Online Presence
Once you implement SchoolSuiteNg, your school will be found on Google (Search, Map, Business) and on other social media platforms.
Backup School Data On Cloud
Don't be scared loosing your school data. SchoolSuiteNg helps you automatically backup your data on cloud for easy retrieval.
Work Remotely or From Home With Your Team
Build strong collaboration with your team and work from anywhere with your PC, Tablet or Mobile device.
Engage Teachers & Students With Technology
Allow your teachers & students inhabit parallel realities - being simultaneously present in classroom and interactive with virtual world too.
Ensure Transparency At Work Place
Using efficient and effective solution guarantees transparency. SchoolSuiteNg helps you track & trace every transaction carryout in your school.
Boost Profit and Save Cost
Implementing SchoolSuiteNg helps you save as high as 15% of your annual budget likewise providing you with streams to earn 10% more.
Improve Staff Productivity & Efficiency
Reduce staff/teachers daily workload to enhance productivity. SchoolSuiteNg helps teachers and staff accomplish tedious tasks more faster.

You Also Get Customized Scratched Card for Your School

We are going to help you brand your school result checking and admission scratch cards too.